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Shifting Mindsets: Digital Marketing—a driver of social and environmental well-being!

Updated: 2 days ago

During our last Digital Marketing class, facilitated by Dionne Jie Sam Foek, we got the opportunity to share our expertise with the PEDEL Aruba Team on the power of digital marketing and how it can be a driver of social and environmental well-being, if done correctly, rather than merely a tool for extraction and exploitation.

Sustainable Marketing is about ensuring every single function within a company / organization works towards long-term health and wellbeing for all humanity we get the opportunity to influence.

There is a greater cause that marketers should take into consideration when implementing their marketing strategies. Digital marketers are purely tasked out of a mindset focused on commercial growth, because digital now influences greatly, there is significant pressure for digital marketers to perform and present desired data. 

A company’s larger strategy—possibly still focused on these growth models—could restrict digital marketing from reaching its full potential. 

To work around this shortcoming, digital teams should gather for collaborative strategy, discovery, or content road mapping, possibly through team brainstorm sessions to clearly define project purposes, campaigns and messaging. 

Team PEDEL Aruba; Lee-Ann Figaroa, Chrisy-Ann and Richnald Bikker (R-L) presenting their new

"sustainable marketing messaging” strategy during AIM Studio Agency - Sustainable Marketing Think Sessions.

Proposing a wholesale redesign of marketing’s mission it is recommended to focus on three key things:

  • Environmental: Marketing should protect the environment and aid its restoration through responsible consumption, production, and respect for the true value it delivers. 

  • Social: Marketing should also help humans fulfill their potential in dignity, equality, and in a healthy world. 

  • Commercial: Marketing should partner with people to shape behavior that supports new emerging economic models.

Marketing and sustainability teams within organizations should work together to make sustainability a core to the entire organization.  During this class we got looked at the OATLY BRAND CASE STUDY and the unbelievable turnaround story how Oatly disrupted the Plant-Based milk industry with their rebranding initiative. Team PEDEL Aruba, an organization having a pretty much Social Impact mindset themselves, got to brainstorm and present their new media messaging approach based on the presented class material and got to present a pretty good plan, which is now in the re-make!

We appreciate all the attendees for their active engagement and excitement! Special thanks to PEDEL Aruba for inviting us to be part of their new sustainable marketing journey.



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