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Calling all:


Digital Media Productions MasterClass


For Beginners

"Enter as a Beginner, Graduate with the skillset of a Pro & Tap into Mastery!”

This is where it all starts - Bring your vision to life!

Learn how to give your vision a visual. Brand it! Your project, business

or undertaking by creating a coherent presentation and visual content for

all channels guaranteed to improve your brands’ presence and audience engagement!


Facilitated by Master Brand & Media Producer Dionne Jie Sam Foek

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Create Top-of-the-line Media Productions that deliver instant engagement!

Course Information

  • Starting Date/ Day of the week/ Location: 
    To be confirmed shortly via email - Register below to receive this update!

  • Sessions: 8 Sessions of 3 Hours.

  • Course will be given in PAPIAMENTO and the digital materials will be in ENGLISH.

  • Payment Plan option is available.

  • Registration below required: To receive further details "shortly" via email!


Learn how to build your Brand’s aesthetic on social media - all major platforms and their requisites - drive results with AIM STUDIO Agency’s Digital Media Production MasterClass. Managing your Social Media requires a clear content strategy, consistency and a well of creativity.


Facilitated by Master Brand & Media Producer Dionne Jie Sam Foek, with over 20+ years of experience specialized in Brand creation, Public Relations, Advertising, Graphic Design, Web Development and Social Media Management.

In this MasterClass you will learn how to:

  • Understand and define their unique business purpose!

  • Learn how to build your Brand’s aesthetic on social media.

  • Create a powerful company “About us” visual statement.

  • Introduction to the Facilitator's workstation

  • LEVEL-UP your digital SALES narrative!

  • Create a “Wow-Effect Social Media structure.

  • Learn the various dimensions to work with.

  • The Art of Visual Storytelling that sparks imagination.

  • How we make people feel themselves consuming your product.

  • Effective Social Media Publishing.

  • Insert access means to your media assets.

  • Master Consistancy!

Facilitated by:

Master Brand & Media Producer

Dionne Jie Sam Foek

Since 2004

Calling all:
Project Leaders / NGO's Entrepreneurs

/ Intrepreneurs


Vocational Digital Media Production MasterClass!

Let’s create your first 3 months of Social Media content together!

Learn how to brand your project, business, undertaking by creating a coherent brand image and visual content for all channels guaranteed to improve your brands’ communication.


Registration below required:
To receive further details "shortly" via email!
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Shirley Peterson
Island Finance
Branch Manager
AIM Studio Agency
MasterClass Participant

“I really enjoyed the AIM STUDIO MASTER CLASS. The classes covered everything I needed to know in today’s online marketing times. A great mix of Branding, Graphic and Video art. The teacher is highly knowledgeable, very helpful, motivated and had patience to help us catch up, and is always in for a joke. In today’s digital age, one can not be without this material.


AIM STUDIO Agency’s MASTER CLASS is the class to get equipped.”


Dionne AIM Social Profile (4).png

Ginsley Greaux
Rose Marketing Agency

AIM Studio Agency 

MasterClass Participant

“I started AIM STUDIO Agency’s Master Class because my grandma, who knew the teacher and her work, encouraged me to take her class so I could do marketing on social media for my grandma’s business, EM Cargo.

I learned all about content creation, design, production sizes to use according to post type, and even inspired me to start my own marketing agency.

I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn about marketing to register for this master class.”



Sharleen Tromp
Lead by Design Foundation
AIM STUDIO Agency client


“I have been working with the AMC Facilitator for many years and she is a master of her craft as a transmedia storyteller. She has the creative ability of creating content that engages the audience and has the technique of telling story experiences across multiple platforms in order to deliver unique pieces of content.


She is an expert in using transmedia to build an entertainment brand that conquers global audiences, readers and users in great numbers of platforms. Thank you for your collaboration during my own journey and I am ready for our new venture together.”



Joase-Ann van der Biest
Certified Holistic Life Coach
BAZ-RRR Gallery Owner 
AIM STUDIO Agency Facilitator’s Apprentice

“I have to say, my career as e TV presenter started with Dionne. My complete presentation back then up to now and my journey ahead has been influenced by Dionne. While being a tv host for a fashion show. Dionne taught me everything I know now about television, editing and presenting. Other then that I always admired the standard of professionalism that Dionne portraits during her many projects.

Her passion for journalism and her keen eye for the visuals she envisions to convey the message to the general public is for sure, one that many can learn from.”


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